Back from Europe and the future.

After a 9 show, 10 day European tour, the Remolachas are back in their tropical hamacas, sipping on piña coladas and enjoying the great success had in their tour. 

Amongst the highlights, we had: 

  • Playing busking-style in the streets of Paris in a neighborhood potluck during Fête de la Musique.
  • Playing a song with one of Belgium's top Beatboxers in a High School end of the year party. 
  • Playing a concert in a tri-centennial house in the Belgian countryside in Gouvy-Limerlé. 
  • Having a packed and sweaty house at TIK(nord) in Berlin with people from all over the world.
  • Playing on a boat (yup, that's right!) for the Happy Summer festival in Namur.

We had the chance to share the stage with some awesome musicians, who alse helped us by sharing equipment, contacts and giving us a hand during soundcheck.  A big thanks to Kalayawa, Chouval Brass, the Freatles.

What the future holds for us

Well, we have a couple of shows lined up for August and a possible mini tour in Chiapas in September. The rest of the time, we will focus on recording songs for the new album. 

We also had the chance to record tons of video footage during the European Tour, which we will use to make some sort of mini-documentary.

We would like to thank everybody that made this tour possible: the Savdié family, the Chirouze girls in Paris and la Caféothèque, Yannick and the Letawe family, Valentin and Yasmine in Limerlé, all the people that helped us make this possible via Kickstarter, going to the shows and buying CDs, Kalayawa, Quetzalroo and the people behind Perhaps you need a little Guatemala , our Mexican groupie, the guys who, out of the blue, lent us some mic stands in Namur, and well, everyone else that we might have missed.

If anyone is wondering, we DID send the postcards, they might take a little time to reach you. If you don't get yours, please let us know and we'll make it up to you.


Tony sending postcards from Paris.

Tony sending postcards from Paris.