Kickstarter pt.2

Hey remolacheros! 

After a few crazy weeks with many shows, and the completion of our first successful Kickstarter campaign, some of us are already in Europe, some of us are halfway there and some of us are getting ready to leave.

This all wouldn't be possible if not for your kind support, both economic and moral. 

You can find our tour calendar in our events page. 

Those of you that purchased CDs with postcards included or got the Postcard reward on Kickstarter will begin getting them in the next few weeks, please keep your address up to date in your backer page! 

Those of you that helped us, we thank you profoundly: 

  • Julio Paredes
  • Lilith E. Laborey
  • Fernando Cabarrús
  • JAvier Mejia De Pooter
  • Peter Lipscombe
  • Juan Manuel Mendez
  • Carlos Toriello Herrerías
  • Elizabeth T. Segel
  • David Bernstein
  • Mercedes
  • Carla N Wig'nz
  • courtenay Carella
  • Juan Ramón Paniagua
  • Emma Richardson
  • Gretel De Meng
  • Peter Meng
  • Mario Dacaret
  • Judith Chomsky
  • christof
  • Manuel Bedmar
  • Rosa Figueredo
  • Sebastian Bosch
  • Amy Holly
  • Tim Hurson
  • sebastian
  • Isa Chacon
  • Gretel Meng
  • Patricia Karsay
  • Martha Crean
  • Ana Lorena Peñalonzo
  • Diego Chacon Ponce
  • Monica Guiteras

You have just amassed incredible amounts of karma that will follow you in this life and in the next one.

And those of you that will come to the shows in Europe, see you there!