Can't stop, won't stop...

If after a tour you should take a break from music and your band mates, we didn't get the memo.

Less than two months after returning from our European adventure, Los Remolacha Beets is still going strong.

A couple of weeks ago, we played a garden show l'Osteria, a restaurant in Guatemala City. This weekend we were in Antigua, playing in the cozy and lovely Casa del Río for their anniversary and we're already planning our next escape: the first weekend of September, we will be in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico, playing for our great friends of El Paliacate.

If that's not enough, in the meantime we have started recording a few songs we plan to release as an EP soon, so far, a couple of songs are almost completed and the other two will be completed in the following weeks. The tracklist so far is:
- La Perla
- Goma Moral
- Gringo Tortillero
- River and Wood (cumbia)

Why an EP and not an album? We feel these a some great songs that need to be released somehow, however they don't fit with the whole concept we have for the next album.

As for that next album, we are refining the songs and still composing some of them. As a sneak preview, one of them will be called "VIP La Aurora", it's about our tendency to miss flights, trains and busses. Another one will be JP's debut on the accordion.

Expect to keep on hearing from Los Remolacha Beets in what's left of 2013!

Taste the Beets!