Coming upon the end of our first Crowd-sourcing experiment, we've got some lessons learned.

Through family and friends and the odd random backer, we raised over $1,500.  Money that would help considerably for our tour - but which doesn't reach our somewhat lofty (in hindsight) goal of $5000.

So - pledge while you can!  a few days left!  What we don't raise we'll figure out how to scrounge it together.

Speaking of which: we're playing saturday in El Ático again, and next friday the 17th in La Maga, Guate City.

Here's an article on our show in Dim Sum Tea House

and a sweet reflection on the nature of the music business

See you soon!





A quick one!

Just a quick update, for those of you in Guatemala, you can find an article of Los Remolacha Beets on national newspaper Siglo 21, look for the Magacín supplement, last page. See online version here.

Para los que estén en Guatemala, pueden encontrar un artículo de Los Remolacha Beets en la edición de hoy de Siglo 21, en la última página del suplemento Magacín.

La versión en línea está aquí.

April flies by...

Things have been going swiftly this April.  We played two shows last weekend, the first one on Saturday at El Atico Bar in Antigua Guatemala. A bar located right next to the beautiful Santa Catalina Arch in the most concurred street in this colonial city.

On Sunday, we had a gig at a benefit for Education for the Children's 10th Anniversary. It was in a beautiful garden in Jocotenango, a town near Antigua Guatemala. Surrounded by coffee plants, a micro chapel and the wind that wouldn't stop blowing, we had a great time and we entertained a crowd very different than the usual. Our friend Lucy Sessions, from England joined us and Cayuco and Tony debuted a new song with her called Colibri de Rosa.

Other than that, we had an interview with Siglo 21, a local newspaper and we'll be featured on their Sunday edition. That will help raise awareness of our band and our project. We'll share it with you once it's been published!

Although the funding has been going a bit slow, we are very confident that our goals will be reached. We have also planned many more gigs during the months of April and May to help us with the funding.

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